Award winning drama about a  woman afraid to leave her house who must solve the mysterious disappearance of her husband to unlock a mind-bending truth that she must face alone. The film has been distributed worldwide and received multiple awards during it’s festival run. What that critics say:

“The film is an ingenious cheat on its limitations, focusing on internal horror and paying off with a white-knuckle third act twist that is just as frightening as anything a big-budget shocker could muster.” Chris Alexander– Fangoria Magazine

“A brilliant work by director Greg Derochie… reminiscent of early Alfred Hitchcock.” Richard Boyle – San Bernardino Sun

“…well crafted, beautifully shot… really keeps you on the edge of your seat.” Helen Stephenson – Prescott Film Festival

“I thoroughly enjoyed Solitary!” Stan Robinson – AZWeekly Magazine

“…the film cleverly interlocks mystery and drama to create an illusive film that is as intriguing as it is addicting.” Stephen Davis – College Movie Review


Cinequest Film Festival– Winner – New Visions Award
Big Bear Lake Film Festival – Winner – Audience Award
Sedona Film Festival– Official Selection
Dances With Films Festival– Official Selection
Prescott Film Festival– Official Selection
SanLuis Obispo Film Festival– Official Selection


5 stars
I was riveted throughout the movie, but also very uneasy. It’s a brilliantly acted, beautifully filmed, and deeply suspenseful drama. I never saw the ending coming, and later, couldn’t get it out of my mind. Equal parts compelling and disturbing.

4 stars
Wow! I did not know until the last 10 minutes what the true story was. The ending is a secret for the watcher to find out, but this is well worth the time. The whole thing is a tapestry that one cannot make out until the last stitch is finished. Beautiful!

5 stars
Solitary has suspense, mystery and drama with a surprise ending that catches the viewer off guard. Ms. Jaeger (Sara) does an excellent job in drawing the viewer into her world and feeling the anxiety and difficulty the character faces. This is one movie that definitely kept my attention throughout.

5 stars
Incredible… Nothing is what it seems. Mind bending, twisty, tragic, and exhilarating. Do not take this film for granted. Highly recommended.

4 stars
This was an extremely deep movie, and I loved it. However if you’re someone who requires fast pace then it’s not for you. While slow building, it always keeps you guessing at what the final result will be. A good movie for a lazy day.

5 stars
I loved this wonderful movie and was on the edge of my seat the entire way through. Amber Jaeger was completely mesmerizing and believable in the title role–I fell in love with her at the very first scene and stayed with her, throughout all the various delicious twists, until the final glorious frame. The movie is far deeper than the description implies. Very highly recommended!

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